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Organisation and Business

TCU Library was established on October 16, 1994 with the foundation of Tzu Chi Medical School. At first the library was temporarily located on the first floor of the main administrative building in the area now allocated to the current student affairs, personnel, and accounting offices, and occupied about 3600 square meters. The collections were mainly related with healthcare and life sciences.
The current library began operating on September 13, 1996. The library occupies a modern two-floor building, and covers 3927 square meters. The library equipment was moved from the temporary site to the current site. To handle the addition of Tzu Chi College of Humanities and Social Science and predicted restructuring as a full university, the library expanded its collections to include humanities and social science and life science disciplines. In addition, the library had a plan in place to add more space in order to accommodate the rapid increase of volumes and to provide a more comfortable and larger space for users from Tzu Chi affiliates and nearby communities.
Expansion of the reading area and audio-visual room on the second floor of the library was completed in February 2000. Expansion of the basement stack room and reading area was completed in July of the same year; the total area is 6358 square meters.
Tzu Chi Hospital Library moved its collections and expired periodicals to TCU Library in August, 2011, to facilitate readers from Tzu Chi affiliates.
In a collaborative effort with Tzu Chi College of Technology, a central host server was built to consolidate for library automation of the three schools and one college in September 2012.
A branch library at the Tzu Chi College of Humanities and Social Science campus entered service in September 2007. It covers an area of about 9200 square meters and offers seats for 208 readers. The total floor area of the TCU main and branch libraries is now about 15500 square meters, with 814 seats.

Library Director

Assistant Professor Chia-Chin Liu Ext:2616 / 2617

Library Services Section

Services Provided How to Contact
Cataloguing and Records
1.Collection, Funding and Purchasing of Books and Audio-visual Materials
2.Classification and Cataloguing of Books and Audio-visual Materials
3.Maintenance of Library Collections
4.Book Recommendation and Purchasing
5.Emergency purchase acceptance of paper-print books and audio-visual documents
Urgent Purchasing of Books and Audio-visual Materials
6.Scheduled Updating of New Book Arrivals and Library Blog
7.Reporting on Printed Book and Audio-visual Materials Statistics
8.Management of Book Donations
9.Organizing Occasional Used Books Donation Drives and Giveaways
Section Head Pei-Fen Su Ext:1423
Librarian Pei-I Wang Ext:1424
Librarian Stella Lin Ext:1425
Clerk Ching-Hui Chiang Ext:1431
Circulation & Collection Services Department
1.Book Shelves and Audio-visual Material Room Maintenance
2.Management of Study Room, Discussion Room and Group Video Room
3.Maintaining Newspaper Collection
4.Handling Borrowing, Returns, Reservations; Extending Due Dates, and Overdue Notices
5.Handling Assigned References/Materials Services
6.Handling of Penalties for Overdue and Lost Materials
7.Handling Library Card Application and Reader Database Maintenance
8.Maintenance of Reading Areas
9.Providing Photocopy and Other Paid services
10.Providing Microfilm Materials Use and Photocopy Service
11.Library Card Cancellation
12.Inventory and Disposal of Library Collections
13.Maintenance of Access Control System
Section Head Shu-Jane Yang Ext:1426
Librarian Ting-I Wang Ext:1426
Clerk Yin-Hsiung Chen Ext:1423
Clerk Pei- Chao Yin Ext:1422
Employee Ho-Jen Hsu Ext:1422

Clerk Jia-Yi Jiang Ext:1471﹙Humanilies and Social Science Library﹚

Reference Information Department
1.Set up and Maintenances of Library World Wide Website
2.Document Search Assistance
3.Annual Budgeting of Electronic Resources
4.Addition, Deletion and Renewal of items on Electronic Documents Database
5.Purchasing and Managing of Chinese and Western Language E-books
6.Producing Annual Statistics for Electronic Resources Usage
7.Producing Library Bulletins and FAQs
8.Collecting and Promoting Use of Internet Resources
9.TCU Master Theses and Doctoral Dissertations Database Management
10.Promoting use of Library Resources
11.Computer Servers and Systems Maintenance
12.Maintenance and Management of Used Book Trading Platform
13.Archives and Management of Institutional Repository System
Section Head Shun-Fa Huang Ext:1428/1429
Librarian Jia-Ling Li Ext:1427/1429

Librarian Chih-Chien Chiang Ext:1470﹙Humanilies and Social Science Library﹚

Non-book Materials
1.Purchasing, Registering , Hastening , Binding Cataloguing and Filing of Periodicals
2.Statistics on Funding and Usage of Periodicals
3.Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Service
4.Archiving of Periodicals from Tzu Chi Hospital
Section Head Chi-Wei Chen Ext:1420 
Librarian Yi-Jing Lin Ext:1424